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Arabinose Solution, 1000X


Arabinose Solution, 1000X

5 x 1 mL
-20º C

Expresso® Biotin Cloning & Expression System




  • Ultra-pure protein thru AviTag in vivo biotinylation
  • Single column biotin-streptavidin purification.
  • Dual affinity tags (AviTag + 6HIS) for full length protein purification
  • >90% pure protein in hours with minimal hands on time
  • Tight control over expression with Rhamnose promoter
  • Optional SUMO tag for increased solubility and on-column cleavage
  • Expressioneering™ Technology:overview of Expresso® product line featuring ligase-free cloning  

Expresso® Biotin Protein Expression systems offer you the quickest route to biotinylated protein by combining AviTag™ and Expressioneering™ technologies. Simply prepare your insert by PCR and transform it along with the vector, and let the cells do the rest. Go from PCR product to biotinylated protein in 48 hours with minimal hands-on time.

AviTag Expressioneering Generates Biotinylated Protein

Lucigen has partnered with Avidity, LLC to leverage the power of the AviTag™ minimal biotinylation motif and Lucigen's SUMO solubility fusion tag to solve the most difficult problems in protein expression and purification. The included Biotin XCell™ competent cells will efficiently biotinylate protein bearing the AviTag motif in vivo, meaning you can skip the in vitro and chemical methods otherwise required to obtain biotinylated target protein. The SUMO tag will produce large amounts of soluble protein that can be precisely cleaved with its cognate protease. Single column purification of AviTag proteins is completed in a few hours using the biotin-streptavidin interaction, and on column cleavage of the AviTag-SUMO fusion followed by nickel column chromatography of the HIS tagged protease yields >95% pure protein. Other variations of the cloning system allow a variety of dual tag (AviTag + His6) experimental possibilities. Applications of the technology include:

  • Protein binding studies
  • Rapid protein purification
  • Protein detection and ChIP Seq


Biotin Protein Expression Vector
Figure 1. Expresso Biotin vectors are available for C- or N-terminal biotinylation with optional SUMO tag to further enhance solubility and purification strategies.


  • Seamless integration of your target protein with optimized expression elements
  • No intervening restriction, protease or recombination sites
  • Provides higher yields of perfect protein with no scars or unwanted cloning artifacts


Expression of biotinylated Protein
Lane 1 MW Ladder
Lane 2 Uninduced cell lysate
Lane 3 Induced cell lysate   
Lane 4 Induced cell lysate,
soluble fraction  
Lane 5 Resin supernatant
(unbound protein)
Lane 6 Freed resin-bound
target protein


Figure 2.  Expression and capture of biotinylated protein. Using a simple autoinduction method, a large amount of protein is expressed and is soluble (lanes 3-4). Due to efficient  in vivo biotinylation, most of the target protein is biotinylated and captured using biotin streptavidin purification (lanes 5-6).


Ultra-pure protein easier than ever

Expresso Biotin vectors are also available with the SUMO tag, which increases solubility, protein yield and provides a specific protease site. Using the SUMO N-Biotin version of the vector, you can bind your protein to streptavidin agarose and perform on-column cleavage, leaving you with stringently purified, native target protein.

AciTag: SUMO Protease On-Column Cleavage
Figure 3. Workflow diagram of AviTag capture and SUMO Protease on-column cleavage.


Expression Capture Biotinylated Protein
Lane 1 MW Ladder
Lane 2  Induced cell lysate
(soluble fraction)
Lane 3  Lysate after capture
of biotinylated target  
Lane 4  Streptavidin-captured protein
Lane 5  Supernatant of untreated resin
Lane 6  Streptavidin-captured protein,
SUMO Protease treated
Lane 7 Supernatant of resin,
SUMO Protease treated




Figure 4. Expression and capture of biotinylated protein. A biotinylated protein is expressed and captured on streptavidin agarose (lanes 2-4). Without protease treatment, no protein is freed from the resin (lane 5). Streptavidin agarose was boiled to release all protein, which was then treated with protease to cleave the target (lane 6).


Four Expresso Biotin vector configurations for the ultimate flexibility in fusion tag applications:




SUMO N-Biotin

SUMO C-Biotin

Screening / Panning

Full-length (dual tag) purification




Ultra-pure protein purification




Protein Microarrays

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP Seq, ENCODE elements)

Solubility Enhancement



Protein:Protein Interaction

Protein:DNA Interaction

Protein:RNA Interaction


Expresso Workflow - Ligation Free Cloning
Figure 5. Expressioneering Technology uses in vivo homologous recombination to seamlessly clone PCR-amplified DNA into the pAviTag  vectors. Target genes are amplified with primers that include 18 bases of overlap with the ends of the Expresso vector. The unpurified PCR amplicon is simply mixed with the pAviTag expression plasmids and immediately transformed into the highly competent cells provided. No DNA purification, enzyme treatment, vector preparation, or ligation steps are required 

AviTag™ is a trademark of Avidity, LLC. AviTag™ technology (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,723,584, 5,874,239 & 5,932,433) is owned by and licensed from Avidity, LLC, Denver, Colorado.

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Product Description Size Cat. No.
Arabinose Solution, 1000X   5 x 1.0 ml 49023-1
Biotin XCell™ F' Chemically Competent Cells (SOLOs)   12 rxns 60704-1
    24 rxns 60704-2
Expresso® Biotin C-His System   5 rxns 49042-1
    10 rxns 49042-2
Expresso® Biotin N-His System   5 rxns 49041-1
    10 rxns 49041-2
Expresso® Biotin SUMO C-Biotin System   5 rxns 49044-1
    10 rxns 49044-2
Expresso® Biotin SUMO N-Biotin System   5 rxns 49043-1
    10 rxns 49043-2
Glucose Solution, 15% w/v   5 x 1.25 ml 49022-1
Rhamnose Solution, 20% w/v   5 x 1.25 ml 49021-1

The Expresso® Biotin Cloning & Expression System contains pre-processed Vector DNA, single-transformation BIOTIN XCell F’ Chemically Competent Cells (SOLOs), and recovery medium. Also included are BFP positive control insert DNA, transformation positive control pUC DNA, and forward and reverse PCR primers to confirm clones. For protein expression, solutions of Rhamnose, Biotin, Arabinose and Glucose are provided. SUMO kits also contain SUMO Express Protease and cleavage control protein.