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Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Illumina-compatible)


Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Illumina-compatible)


Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Illumina-compatible)

50 Rxns


  • Preparation of DNA libraries compatible with Illumina Solexa® next-generation sequencing instruments.

The Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Illumina-Compatible) is specifically designed to prepare genomic DNA libraries compatible with Illumina Solexa GAI and GAII instruments. Nextera technology employs in vitro transposition* to simultaneously fragment and tag DNA in a single-tube reaction. The Nextera library preparation method offers significant advantages over existing methods, such as nebulization, sonication, or shearing (Table 1).


  • Only 50 ng of starting DNA required.
  • Prepare sequencer-ready libraries in less than 2 hours.
  • Incorporate platform-specific tags and optional bar codes (Fig. 1).
  • Validated on Illumina Solexa GAI and GAII instruments.

*Covered by issued and/or pending patents.


Table 1. Library Preparation Comparison
Processing Step Standard (~µg) Nextera™ (50 ng)
Fragmentation √ (15-30 min)

Add Nextera™ Enzyme Mix
(5 min)

Collection  (15 min)
Concentration  (15 min)
Size Selection  (60 min)
End-Repair  (60 min)
Clean-Up  (15 min)
A-Tailing +/- (30 min)
Adaptor Ligation  (60 min)
Clean-Up  (15 min)  (15 min)
Library Enrichment Variable (~60 min) PCR (~60 min)
Total Time: ~6 Hours <2 Hours

Blue color indicates steps where the sample is transferred to another tube.


Figure 1 (click to enlarge). Generation of libraries for Illumina Solexa® platforms. Target DNA is fragmented and tagged with Nextera™ Enzyme Mix containing ends appended with sequencing primer sites (blue and orange). Limited-cycle PCR with a four-primer reaction adds bridge PCR (bPCR) compatible adaptors (purple and pink) to the core sequencing library. Optional bar codes (triangle) can be added between the downstream bPCR adaptor (pink) and the core sequencing library adaptor (orange). Alternative sequencing primers are required for the Illumina Solexa-compatible libraries: Read 1 Primer (blue/gray arrow); Read 2 Primer (orange/gray arrow); and Index Read Primer (gray/orange arrow).


Catalog No. Size

Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Illumina®-Compatible)*
   GA09115 5 Reactions
   GA091120 20 Reactions
   GA0911-50 50 Reactions
   GA0911-96 96 Reactions

Contents: Nextera™ Enzyme Mix (Illumina®-compatible), 5X Nextera Reaction Buffer (LMW), 5X Nextera Reaction Buffer (HMW), 50X Nextera Primer Cocktail (Illumina®-compatible), 50X Nextera Adaptor 2 (Illumina®-compatible), 200X Nextera Read 1 Primer, 200X Nextera Read 2 Primer, 200X Nextera Index Read Primer, Nextera Control DNA, and 2X Nextera PCR Buffer.

*Note: The Nextera™ PCR Enzyme (see below) must be purchased separately when using any of the Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kits.

Nextera™ PCR Enzyme (required)
   EM091120 20 Reactions
   EM091150 50 Reactions
   EM0911-96 96 Reactions

Nextera™ Bar Codes (optional)
   GABC0950 12 Bar Codes (Illumina®-Compatible)
Note: The bar coding kits are optional. Each kit contains 12 bar codes, and each bar code can be used to prepare up to 50 bar-coded libraries.


For additional information on Nextera™ technology, please visit: www.epibio.com/nextera

For custom/bulk requests, please contact us at: Nextera@EpiBio.com