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LGC acquires Lucigen, strengthening its reagents offering to the genomics market


LGC acquires Lucigen, strengthening its reagents offering to the genomics market

February16,2018 –LucigenoffersextensiveenzymologyexpertiseandawideportfolioofmolecularbiologyreagentsToday,LGCannouncedthatithasacquiredLucigenCorporation,aleadingdeveloper,manufacturerandsupplierofmo

February 16, 2018 –Lucigen offers extensive enzymology expertise and a wide portfolio of molecular biology reagents

Today, LGC announced that it has acquired Lucigen Corporation, a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of molecular biology enzymes, reagents and kits. Lucigen has an extensive portfolio of life science products including NGS kits, enzymes, competent cells, and cloning systems, targeting fast growth applications in clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, synthetic biology and gene editing. The acquisition increases LGC’s exposure to the fast growing NGS and gene editing markets.

Lucigen remains the exclusive supplier of the Epicentre brand products to scientists worldwide. 

Brian Kim, President and Managing Director, Genomics Division, LGC said: “Lucigen has tremendous assets including its highly skilled and motivated workforce, enzyme and kit development capabilities, complemented by ISO 13485 manufacturing. Lucigen’s assets are highly complementary to LGC’s capabilities, aligning squarely with our strategy to expand in the NGS and gene editing markets.  We are excited to join forces and improve our offering to our molecular diagnostic, agbio, and biopharma customers.”

Ralph Kauten, CEO, Lucigen, said: “Our two organisations share the same passion to innovate and deliver to customers. Over the last 20 years, Lucigen has developed a strong R&D culture and capability, with an excellent track record of new product launches and excellent customer support.  Being part of a larger, global group will enable us to further expand our reach to new markets, while still focusing on delighting our customers and providing technology leading products.”

Founded in 1998, Lucigen currently employs over 65 people at its Middleton, Wisconsin site. The company is accredited to ISO 13485. LGC expects to further develop Lucigen’s capabilities and offerings at the site.