FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit

FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit




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FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit

FosmidMAX™ DNA 纯化试剂盒



    FosmidMAX盒子适用于纯化CopyControl™ Fosmid 文库构建试剂盒产生的fosmid克隆。这种控制克隆拷贝数技术可以让使用者利用单考贝质粒构建fosmid克隆,确保了克隆某些毒性产物的稳定性,然后通过诱导产生高拷贝克隆,获得大量DNA。使用这个盒子,1.5ml诱导克隆可最多得到4µg DNA。


  • 操作过程简单,从1.5 ml, 40 ml, 100 ml单考贝克隆培养物中可分别获得0.6, 15, or 25 µg fosmid DNA。
  • FosmidMAX试剂盒不使用柱子或结合树脂,以免减少产量和对DNA的剪切。
  • 分离所需要的DNA的量,不浪费试剂。
  • 非常适用从单拷贝分离DNA的fosmid克隆,及诱导的fosmid克隆。
  • 没有任何有毒溶剂。

1. 使用 FosmidMAX™盒子制备的DNA质量。从六个不同的fosmid克隆中分离DNA(lanes 1 to 6),用 Hind III酶切,电泳分析

 Lane M, Kilobase ladder.


2.  CopyControl™ Fosmid文库构建试剂盒产生的fosmid克隆,可从单拷贝被诱导到每个细胞50个拷贝,大大提高了DNA的产率。相同量未诱导细胞 (-)和诱导细胞(+)获得的DNA比较。取等量DNA Hind III酶切,电泳分析。 Lane M, kb ladder.




  • Isolation of exceptionally pure fosmid DNA that can be used for many applications including sequencing, fingerprinting, PCR, and preparation of shotgun libraries.

The FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit was developed for easy, reliable isolation of high-quality fosmid DNA (Fig. 1). The scalable protocol is based on a modified alkaline-lysis procedure that typically yields 0.6-25 µg of fosmid DNA from 1.5 to 100 ml of a single-copy fosmid culture. Selective precipitation steps and the incorporation of EPICENTRE's RiboShredder™ RNase Blend effectively remove contaminants that degrade DNA and interfere with downstream applications.

The FosmidMAX kit is ideal for the purification of induced fosmids produced by the CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kit. The CopyControl cloning technology enables the user to grow the fosmid clones at single copy to ensure insert stability and cloning of toxic gene products and then induce the clones to high-copy number for high yields of DNA. Using the FosmidMAX Kit, up to 4 µg of fosmid DNA can be isolated from 1.5 ml of an induced clone.


  • Simple protocols isolate up to 0.6, 15, or 25 µg of fosmid DNA from 1.5-, 40-, or 100-ml cultures of a single-copy fosmid, respectively.
  • The FosmidMAX kit does not use columns or binding resins that reduce yields and shear the fosmid DNA.
  • Isolate the amount of DNA that is needed, without wasting kit reagents.
  • Ideal for isolating DNA from single-copy fosmid clones, induced CopyControl fosmid and cosmid clones.
  • No columns or toxic organic solvents.
Figure 1. Quality of DNA prepared with the FosmidMAX™ Kit.Fosmid DNA isolated from six different fosmid clones (lanes 1 to 6) was digested with Hind III and analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis. Lane M, Kilobase ladder.
Figure 2. Fosmid clones made with the CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kit can be induced from single-copy up to 50 copies per cell to greatly increase DNA yield. DNA from an equal number of cells of uninduced (-) and induced (+) CopyControl fosmid clones was isolated using the FosmidMAX™ Kit. Equivalent volumes of fosmid DNA were digested with Hind III and analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis. Lane M, kb ladder.


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Direct Lysis Fosmid96 DNA Purification Kit
FOS84596 5 x 96-well preps
Contents: Culture plates, 96-well fritted filter plates, collection plates, plate sealers, gas-permeable sealers, reagents for five 96-well preps.