Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen)

Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen)




250 Screens


Room Temperature



  • Screening the size of plasmid, fosmid, cosmid, or BAC clones.
  • Screening deletion clones generated by nuclease digestions.

The Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen) provides a rapid and sensitive method for estimating the size of cloned DNAs from colonies on primary culture plates without the need to grow cultures, or perform minipreps or restriction endonuclease digestions (Figs. 1 and 2). The size of most clones can be determined in 1 hour or less. BAC clone sizes can be estimated in as little as 4 hours. The kit provides optimal performance with high-copy-number clones.


  • Determine the size of PCR, cDNA, and other clones in 1 hour and of BAC clones in as little as 4 hours without the need to grow cultures or perform restriction digests.
  • Amenable to high-throughput applications.
  • Can be used with all standard E. coli host strains.


Figure 1. Schematic overview of the protocol for the Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen).

Figure 2. Agarose gel size analysis of plasmid clones using the Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen). Very small portions of nine randomly chosen plasmid clones were picked from an overnight plate, processed using the Colony Fast-Screen Kit (Size Screen), and the size of each clone was estimated by agarose gel electrophoresis. Total time including running the gel was 45 minutes. M, Supercoiled DNA Ladder.