MasterAmp™ RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity

MasterAmp™ RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity




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  • High-sensititivity detection of RNA, including RNA present at low copy number.
  • RT-PCR applications where sensitivity is the primary concern.
  • Multiplex RT-PCR.

The MasterAmp™ RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity is a single enzyme, single-tube RT-PCR system (Fig. 1). It is capable of amplifying RNA from as little as 1 pg of total cellular RNA (Fig. 2). It is ideal for amplifying low-copy-number RNA transcripts.

The MasterAmp RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity uses RetroAmp™ RT DNA Polymerase, a thermostable enzyme that has peak reverse transcriptase activity at ≥60°C and lacks RNase H activity. Reverse transcription at higher temperatures reduces RNA secondary structure and increases the specificity and sensitivity of cDNA synthesis. The sensitivity of this kit is further augmented because both RT and PCR occur in a single tube. All cDNA synthesized during RT is used as a template for PCR amplification.

Figure 1. Different RT-PCR protocols that can be used with the MasterAmp™ High Fidelity RT-PCR Kit.

The kit also incorporates MasterAmp PCR Enhancer with betaine,* which further improves the specificity, consistency, and sensitivity of RT-PCR by reducing pauses and stops during DNA synthesis.

Note: Although the MasterAmp RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity provides unsurpassed RT-PCR sensitivity, the MasterAmp High Fidelity RT-PCR Kit should be used to amplify RNA by RT-PCR for cloning, sequencing, or expression, when high fidelity is most important.


  • High-sensitivity RT-PCR from as little as 1 pg of total cellular RNA (Fig. 2).
  • Outperforms similar products from other vendors.
  • Thermostable RetroAmp™ RT DNA Polymerase enables RT to be performed at higher temperature, which minimizes RNA secondary structure.
  • Use of one enzyme in a one-step and one-tube reaction with no sample transfers reduces the chance for cross-contamination.
  • The MasterAmp PCR Enhancer technology increases RT-PCR sensitivity and specificity.


Figure 2. RT-PCR amplification of human chorionic gonadotropinalpha (hCGα) from decreasing amounts of placental total cellular RNA using MasterAmp™ RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity. RNA was isolated using the MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit. A 40-cycle amplification was performed using decreasing amounts of total RNA following the protocol supplied. Lane M, 100-bp ladder. Figure 3. Human CGα was amplified from various amounts of total human placental RNA using MasterAmp™ RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity or kits from other manufacturers. All experiments were carried out strictly according to each manufacturer's protocols.

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Catalog No. Size

MasterAmp™ RT-PCR Kit for High Sensitivity
RT71225 25 Reactions
RT712100 100 Reactions
Contents: RetroAmp™ RT DNA Polymerase, 20X RT-PCR Buffer, MasterAmp™ 10X PCR Enhancer, 25 mM MgCl2, 25 mM MnSO4, dNTP Mix 2.5 mM each, Control Template and Primer Mix, Sterile Water.