MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase

MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase




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  • First-strand cDNA synthesis for subsequent PCR or real-time PCR.
  • RT-PCR validation of gene expression data obtained from microarray experiments.
  • RT-PCR validation and quantification of gene silencing by RNA interference.
  • Preparation of labeled cDNA probes.

MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase is a thermostable reverse transcriptase that completely lacks RNase H activity. The enzyme's lack of RNase H activity contributes to its ability to make longer cDNAs and more complete full-length libraries of first-strand cDNA molecules compared to other reverse transcriptases. EPICENTRE scientists have demonstrated reverse transcription of 15-kb RNA templates using MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase (Fig. 1).

The MonsterScript 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit includes MonsterScript RT PreMix, which contains optimized concentrations of dNTPs, Mg2+, and betaine.* Betaine reduces pausing and stops by the reverse transcriptase, enabling improved reverse transcription through difficult sequences, such as regions of high GC content. The kit also contains both an oligo(dT)-containing primer and random nonamer primers.


  • No RNase H activity, enabling improved synthesis of full-length cDNA even for long mRNA, using random priming.
  • Thermostable, permitting reverse transcription at temperatures >50°C, which reduces RNA secondary structure and improves priming specificity.
  • MonsterScript RT PreMix contains optimized concentrations of dNTPs, Mg2+, and betaine for superior performance and minimal pipetting steps.
  • The kit includes both an oligo(dT) and random nonamer primers for maximal transcript coverage.
  • First-strand cDNA can be made from picogram amounts of total RNA (Fig. 2).
  • The kit includes a potent RNase Inhibitor to protect the integrity of template RNA.


Figure 1

  Figure 2
Figure 1. MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase produces full-length cDNA from mRNA greater than 15 kb. The ≈15.2-kb HGNEFp532 mRNA was reverse-transcribed from total HeLa RNA in a standard MonsterScript reaction. Two microliters of the reaction was used to PCR amplify a 1.3-kb region within 68 bases of the 5´ end of the HGNEFp532 mRNA (A). Agarose gel electrophoresis of the 1.3-kb amplicon from the 5´ end of the mRNA demonstrates full-length cDNA synthesis (B).   Figure 2. MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase was used to reverse-transcribe six dilutions (8 x 10-6 to 8 x 10-1 pg) of an RNA transcript into cDNA in 20-µl reactions. Ten microliters of each reverse transcription reaction was then used in 50-µl real-time PCRs, in duplicate, using EPICENTRE's TAQurate™ GREEN Real-Time PCR MasterMix. A PCR efficiency of 99.4% and correlation coefficient of 1.000 was achieved.

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MonsterScript™ 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
MS040910 10 Reactions
MS041050 50 Reactions
Contents: MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase (50 U/µl) with RNase Inhibitor, MonsterScript™ 5X cDNA PreMix (contains buffer, dNTPs, and betaine*), V3-Oligo(dT)21 Primer (10 µM), Random 9-mer Primers, RNase-Free Water.

MonsterScript™ Reverse Transcriptase
MSTA5110 10 Reactions
MSTA5124 24 Reactions
Includes MonsterScript™ 5X Reaction Buffer.