Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Roche FLX-compatible)

Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit (Roche FLX-compatible)




20 Rxns





  • Preparation of DNA libraries compatible with Roche 454™ GS FLX and GS FLX Titanium™ next-generation sequencing instruments.

Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kits (Roche 454-Compatible) are specifically designed to prepare genomic DNA libraries compatible with Roche 454 GS FLX and GS FLX Titanium instruments. Nextera technology employs in vitro transposition* to simultaneously fragment and tag DNA in a single-tube reaction. The Nextera library preparation method offers significant advantages over existing methods, such as nebulization, sonication, or shearing (Table 1).


  • Only 50 ng of starting DNA required.
  • Prepare sequencer-ready libraries in less than 2 hours.
  • Incorporate platform-specific tags and optional bar codes (Fig. 1).
  • Validated on Roche 454 GS FLX and GS FLX Titanium platforms.

*Covered by issued and/or pending patents.


Table 1. Library Preparation Comparison
Processing Step Standard (~µg) Nextera™ (50 ng)
Fragmentation ✓ (15-30 min)

Add Nextera™ Enzyme Mix (5 min)

Collection ✓ (15 min)
Concentration ✓ (15 min)
Size Selection ✓ (60 min)
End-Repair ✓ (60 min)
Clean-Up ✓ (15 min)
A-Tailing +/- (30 min)
Adaptor Ligation ✓ (60 min)
Clean-Up ✓ (15 min) ✓ (15 min)
Library Enrichment Variable (~60 min) PCR (~60 min)
Total Time: ~6 Hours <2 Hours

Blue color indicates steps where the sample is transferred to another tube.


Figure 1 (click to enlarge). Generation of libraries for Roche 454™ platforms. After fragmenting and tagging genomic DNA with Nextera™ Enzyme Mix, four-primer limited-cycle PCR is performed which adds Roche 454-compatible adaptor sequences (blue and orange). Optional bar codes (triangle) can be added between the upstream emulsion PCR (emPCR) adaptor (blue) and the transposon end (gray).

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