ScriptCap™ m7G Capping System

ScriptCap™ m7G Capping System




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The ScriptCap™ m7G Capping System, with Vaccinia Virus Capping Enzyme (VCE), provides a convenient, highly efficient, single-enzyme capping system to quantitatively build cap 0 structures
on the 5' end of any amount of RNA in vitro.1 VCE contains all three enzymatic activities (mRNA triphosphatase, guanylyltransferase, and guanine-7-methyltransferase) necessary to catalyze the construction of N7-monomethylated cap 0 structures (m7G[5']ppp[5']NpN...).2-5 Caps play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and translational efficiency of the mRNA in vivo. With the ScriptCap m7G Capping System, capping efficiencies approach 100%, reactions can be scaled up or down to accommodate the user’s capped RNA yield needs and the cap structures are all built in the proper orientation. In contrast, the traditional in vitro cap analog-based capping method of co-transcriptional cap 0-capped RNA production6 has several drawbacks. Namely: because capping efficiencies are limited by the cap analog to GTP ratio, they can never be 100% and are often lower than the theoretical maximum;7,8 reaction yields are greatly reduced ( 33%) due to the necessary limiting amount of GTP in the reaction; and some cap analogs can be incorporated in a reverse (backward) orientation further reducing the amount of properly-capped RNA produced in the reaction.9,10 The ScriptCap m7G Capping System can be used in conjunction with the ScriptCap 2'-O-Methyltransferase to produce cap 1-capped RNA (m7G[5']ppp[5'][m2'-O]NpN...) which can further increase the translation efficiency of the mRNA in vivo.11,12 ScriptCap m7G Capping System reactions can be added directly to Poly(A) Polymerase reactions for convenient 3'-end poly(A)-tailing of the capped RNA.