MasterAmp™ Buccal Swab Brushes-Soft Pack Brush

MasterAmp™ Buccal Swab Brushes-Soft Pack Brush




100 Brushes


Room Temperature


EPICENTRE's buccal swabs and brushes are designed for safe, gentle buccal cell collection for subsequent DNA extraction and PCR analysis. Both swabs and brushes are provided individually packaged in sterile hard-pack plastic cylinders (Remote Testing) or as a soft pack (Fig. 1). With the Remote Testing option, after collecting the sample, return the sample swab or brush to the cylinder package, for safe, secure storage and transport from the collection site to the analysis site. Soft packs are ideal when swabs or brushes will be processed immediately after the sample is collected.


Catch-All™ Sample Collection Swabs are soft foam swabs on soft, flexible plastic handles. Catch-All Swabs provide gentle, safe buccal sample collection, even for infants, and the porous foam on these swabs catches more of the sample than buccal brushes.

Figure 1. Buccal swabs and brushes are available in both hard-pack cylinders (above) and soft packs (below).

MasterAmp™ Buccal Swab Brushes are soft bristle-type buccal brushes.

Note: Catalog items QEC0925 and MB030BR have been discontinued.