RiboScribe™ T3 RNA Probe Synthesis Kit

RiboScribe™ T3 RNA Probe Synthesis Kit




25 Rxns




RiboScribe™ T7, T3, and SP6 Probe Synthesis Kits are convenient, reliable, and cost-effective kits for synthesis of high-specific-activity radioactive RNA probes for Southern and Northern blots, in situ hybridization, RNase protection assays, and other applications. See the In Vitro Transcription Product Selection Guide to find the best kits for synthesis of unlabeled or non-radioactively labeled RNA for other applications.


  • Synthesis of high specific-activity probes (>109 cpm/µg) with greater than 95% incorporation of the radiolabel.


Catalog No. Size

RiboScribe™ T7 RNA Probe Synthesis Kit
RS71207 25 Reactions

RiboScribe™ T3 RNA Probe Synthesis Kit
RS71203 25 Reactions

RiboScribe™ SP6 RNA Probe Synthesis Kit
RS71206 25 Reactions
Contents: RNA Polymerase, 5X Transcription Buffer, 100 mM DTT, 10 mM ATP, CTP, GTP, and UTP Solutions, Control Template, RNase-Free DNase I, RNase-Free Water, and 5 M Ammonium Acetate Solution, RiboGuard™ RNase Inhibitor.