pCC1FOS/pEpiFOS-5 Forward Sequencing Primer

pCC1FOS/pEpiFOS-5 Forward Sequencing Primer




1 nmole






  • Preparation of complete and unbiased fosmid libraries that can be maintained at single-copy number.

The EpiFOS™ Fosmid Library Production Kit provides all reagents needed to construct up to 10 complete and unbiased primary fosmid libraries. Fosmid clones constructed in the pEpiFOS-5 Vector cannot be induced to high-copy number, limiting the DNA yields during purification. For this reason, EPICENTRE researchers prefer the use of the CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Construction Kit in the construction of their genomic libraries.

Primers for end-sequencing pEpiFOS-5 clones are available separately.


  • EpiFOS Vectors are supplied Cloning-Ready: linearized, dephosphorylated, purified, and ready for ligation.
  • No need for partial restriction endonuclease digests or pulse-field gel electrophoresis to prepare the genomic DNA for cloning.
  • High-efficiency lambda packaging eliminates background and false positives.
  • Faster and easier than BAC cloning.

Figure 2. EpiFOS™-5 Fosmid Vector.

Figure 1. Production of a fosmid library using the EpiFOS™ Fosmid Library Production Kit.