PlndigoBAC-5 (BamH I-Cloning Ready) Vector

PlndigoBAC-5 (BamH I-Cloning Ready) Vector




500 ng




Linearized and dephosphorylated Cloning-ready BAC Vectors

pIndigoBAC-5 (Fig. 1) is derived from pBeloBAC11 and pIndigoBAC1 and will accommodate and stably maintain DNA inserts of >100 kb. pIndigoBAC-5 has been linearized at its unique BamH I or Hind III site, dephosphorylated, and highly purified and is ready for cloning BamH I- or Hind III-cut genomic DNA. The linearized and dephosphorylated vectors are tested to ensure the completeness of linearization, dephosphorylation, and the integrity of the BamH I and Hind III ends. The complete sequence and restriction map of pIndigoBAC-5 is available.

Once DNA has been ligated into the pIndigoBAC-5 vector, BAC libraries can be produced using the high efficiency TransforMax™ EC100™ Electrocompetent E. coli or the Phage T1-resistant TransforMax™ EC100™-T1R Electrocompetent E. coli. These cells accommodate and stably maintain large BAC clones. Sequencing primers for BAC end-sequencing of pIndigoBAC-5 clones are available separately.

Note: pIndigoBAC-5 clones cannot be induced to high-copy number. To construct a library of BAC clones that can be induced to high-copy number, see the CopyControl™ BAC Cloning Kits. Individual BamH I, EcoR I, or Hind III Cloning-Ready CopyControl pCC1BAC Vectors are also avialable separately.



  • Derived from pBeloBAC11 and pIndigoBAC.
  • Linearized, dephosphorylated, and then highly purified and ready for cloning.
  • Tested to ensure complete linearization, dephosphorylation, and the integrity of the BamH I and Hind III ends.
  • Enhanced blue/white screening of recombinants.

Quality Control: pIndigoBAC-5 vectors are tested to yield >95% recombinant (white) clones when used to clone BamH I or Hind III DNA fragments.


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Figure 1

Figure 1. Cloning-Ready pIndigoBAC-5 Vectors are supplied linearized at either the unique BamH I or Hind III site, completely dephosphorylated, and highly purified.


   Catalog No. Size

plndigoBAC-5 (BamH I-Cloning Ready) Vector
   BACB085H 500 ng
Supplied at 25 ng/µl; vector is linearized at BamH I site and dephosphorylated.

plndigoBAC-5 (Hind III-Cloning Ready) Vector
   BACH095H 500 ng