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Spin Columns




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  • Extraction of PCR-ready DNA from soil and sediment for analysis of diverse organisms.

The SoilMaster™ DNA Extraction Kit provides all the reagents necessary to recover PCR-ready DNA from a variety of environmental samples. The kit utilizes a hot detergent-lysis process combined with a simple chromatography step that removes organic inhibitors, such as humic and fulvic acids, that are known to coextract with DNA from soil and sediment samples. The SoilMaster Kit isolates larger and more intact DNA than other soil DNA kits incorporating bead-beating or vortex mixing.1 The extracted DNA is PCR-ready, and can be used to amplify bacterial, plant, or fungal templates (Fig. 2).



  • Extract PCR-ready soil DNA in less than 45 minutes.
  • No need for dedicated equipment or bead-beating.
  • Larger, higher-molecular-weight DNA recovery.


  1. Meis, J. and Chen, F. (2003) EPICENTRE Forum, 10(3), 9.

Figure 1

Figure 1. The SoilMaster™ DNA Extraction Kit extracts high molecular weight intact DNA from compost soil sample. Lane M, kb DNA ladder; Lane 1, soil DNA extracted with the SoilMaster Kit; Lanes 2 and 3, DNA purified using other soil kits.
Figure 2A Figure 2B Figure 2C

Figure 2. FailSafe™ PCR amplification of extracted soil DNA. DNA was extracted from three distinct soil types including cave sediment (Panel A), forest soil (Panel B), and marsh soil (Panel C). The extracted soil DNA was amplified using the following primers: Lanes 1 and 2, consensus bacterial primers to the 16S ribosomal RNA gene; lane 3, fungi, protist, and green algae primers; lane 4, plant primers NS3/NS4; lane 5, high-GC Gram-positive bacterial primers; lane 6, Bacillus primers; Lane M, 100-bp DNA ladder.


Catalog No. Concentration Size

SoilMaster ™ DNA Extraction Kit
SM02005   5 Reactions
SM02050   50 Reactions
Contents: Soil DNA Extraction Buffer, Proteinase K, Soil Lysis Buffer, Protein Precipitation Reagent, Inhibitor Removal Resin, Spin Columns, DNA Precipitation Solution, Pellet Wash Solution, TE Buffer.

Inhibitor Removal Resin
SR04350   55 ml

Spin Columns
SC04350   50 Columns