10 X 2.5 mg





  • Biotinylation of aminoallyl-aRNA or aminoallyl-cDNA for preparing labeled target for hybridization to microarrays.
  • Biotinylation of reactive amines for preparing non-radioactively-labeled DNA or RNA probes for Northerns, Southerns, or other hybridization experiments.
  • Biotinylation of molecules to provide an immobilization or capture moiety.

Biotin-X-X-NHS provides an easy and efficient reagent for labeling aminoallyl-derivatized RNA or aRNA obtained using various RNA amplification procedures, including EPICENTRE's TargetAmp™ Aminoallyl-aRNA Amplification Kits. Biotin-X-X-NHS can also be used to biotinylate DNA or RNA that contains nucleotides with aminoallyl groups, or other groups with reactive amines, to prepare nonradioactive probes for Northern, Southern, or other hybridization experiments. In addition to labeling, the addition of biotin to a biomolecule can provide a method for immobilizing or capturing the molecule using a streptavidin or avidin conjugate. Biotin-X-X-NHS can also be used to biotinylate reactive amines in proteins. A protocol for labeling aminoallyl-RNA is provided with the product.


  • The long spacer arm maximizes binding to avidin or streptavidin conjugates by minimizing steric hindrance among multiple biotinylated sites.
  • Biotin-X-X-NHS is provided as a dry powder packaged in small quantity (2.5 mg) in septum-sealed vials, for maximum stability in storage and handling.
  • Provides more cost-effective labeling than biotin-UTP.

Product Name: Biotin-X-X-NHS (also referred to as Biotin-LC-LC-NHS); syn: 6-[(+)-Biotinamidocaproylamido]caproic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester

Form: 2.5 mg white powder per vial

Molecular Formula: C26H14N5SO7

Molecular Weight: 567.7

Spacer Arm: 30.5 Angstroms

Quality Control: Melting point = 149°C-150°C



  Catalog No. Concentration Size

   BXX51005 2.5 mg/Vial 5 Vials
   BXX51010 2.5 mg/Vial 10 Vials