AmpliCap-Max™ T3 High Yield Message Maker Kit

AmpliCap-Max™ T3 High Yield Message Maker Kit




25 Rxns





  • Generate 5´-capped RNA with a standard cap, from DNA cloned downstream of a T7 or T3 RNA Polymerase promoter, for in vitro translation and microinjection.
  • Functional studies of heterogenous nuclear RNAs and viral RNAs.

The AmpliCap-Max™ T7 and AmpliCap-Max™ T3 High Yield Message Maker Kits are specially formulated to produce the highest yield of 5´-capped RNA (m7Gp3G cap analog) from an in vitro transcription reaction in the shortest reaction time.


  • Yield up to 60 µg of RNA from 1 µg of control templates in a 20-µl reaction in 30 minutes.
  • Capping efficiencies up to 80%.
  • An optimized m7G[5´]ppp[5´]G Cap/NTP PreMix is provided for ease of use and highest yields of capped RNA transcripts.
  • A separate vial of GTP is provided for efficient production of long, 5´-capped RNA.
  • Formulated to use high concentrations of NTPs that are inhibitory to conventional in vitro transcription kits.
  • RNase inhibitor included.


  1. Use an AmpliCap™ SP6 High Yield Message Maker Kit to produce highest yields of RNA with a standard m7Gp3G cap using templates linked to an SP6 promoter.
  2. If the capped RNA is to be used for translation studies, translational efficiencies can be much higher if the mRNA is also polyadenylated, especially if the mRNA is intended for use in vivo following transfection or microinjection. RNA can be easily and efficiently polyadenylated using EPICENTRE's Poly(A) Polymerase Tailing Kit.
  3. Use the AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ and the AmpliScribe SP6 High Yield Transcription Kit to produce the highest yields of uncapped RNA.