BAC-Tracker™ Supercoiled DNA Ladder

BAC-Tracker™ Supercoiled DNA Ladder




50 gel lanes


-20℃ or +4℃ (See Literature)




  • Size analysis of BAC clones by agarose minigel electrophoresis.
  • Size analysis of supercoiled plasmid DNA or extrachromosomal DNA from any source.

The BAC-Tracker™ Supercoiled DNA Ladder is designed for estimating the size of large supercoiled DNAs, such as Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) clones, by agarose gel electrophoresis. The BAC-Tracker Ladder contains seven discrete supercoiled DNAs ranging from 8 kb to 165 kb (Fig. 1). The 8-kb band facilitates screening for "empty" or nonrecombinant BAC clones.

The BAC-Tracker Supercoiled DNA Ladder is provided in a ready-to-load solution. Simply load 10 µl of BAC-Tracker Supercoiled DNA Ladder per gel lane. Run the gel, and stain using SYBR® Gold. The BAC-Tracker Ladder can be used with the Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen) to estimate the size of BAC clones in less than 4 hours.

Quality Control: Each batch of BAC-Tracker Supercoiled DNA Ladder is checked by gel electrophoresis to ensure the correct size of all seven supercoiled DNA bands.

Figure 1. Supercoiled BAC DNA is sized by comparison with the BAC-Tracker™ Supercoiled DNA Ladder. Colonies from three different BAC clones (lanes 1-3) were processed using the Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen) and analyzed on a 1% agarose gel. Lane M, BAC-Tracker Supercoiled DNA Ladder.


Catalog No. Size

BAC-Tracker™ Supercoiled DNA Ladder
   BT010950 500 µl