PlantAmp™ PCR System

PlantAmp™ PCR System









  • PCR of challenging plant genomic DNA preparations that contain polyphenols or other inhibitors.
  • PCR of high-GC templates.

PCR amplification from plants such as sunflower and cotton is challenging due to the presence of polysaccharides, secondary metabolites, and polyphenolic compounds. The presence of polyphenols also makes it difficult to detect the DNA of spoilage bacteria in wine samples. The PlantAmp™ PCR System is formulated to optimize PCR amplification from samples containing polyphenols, as well as GC-rich templates. No organic solvents or detergent lysis reagents are required when purifying plant DNA for PCR. We recommend using the QuickExtract™ Plant or Seed DNA Extraction Solutions for fast, reliable PCR results with the PlantAmp PCR System. Plants tested include cotton, grape leaf, sunflower, tomato, and grains including barley, maize, oats, rice, rye, and wheat.


  • No organic solvents or detergents required for DNA extraction.
  • High-fidelity PCR enzyme blend with proofreading activity.
  • Optimal PCR results from challenging samples.
  • Convenient PreMix format, ideal for high-throughput applications.

"Your QuickExtract Seed and PlantAmp helped me resurrect some DNA templates that I was on the verge of abandoning due to lack of quality DNA and subsequent PCR amplification for downstream sequencing."

Millie Burrell
Texas A&M University


Figure 1

Figure 1. Consistent sunflower-leaf DNA amplifications with the PlantAmp™ System. A single-copy STR region was amplified from sunflower-leaf DNA isolated using the QuickExtract™ Seed Solution. Each amplicon (lanes 2-7) was obtained from a separate leaf punch. Lane 1, 100-bp ladder.

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PlantAmp™ PCR System
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