PlasmidMAX™ DNA Isolation Kit

PlasmidMAX™ DNA Isolation Kit




50 Preps





  • Purification of plasmid clones for DNA sequencing or gene subcloning.

The PlasmidMAX™ DNA Isolation Kit purifies plasmids free from RNA and genomic DNA without the use of columns or hazardous chemicals, using a modified alkaline-lysis procedure. This simple procedure requires only two 1.5-ml tubes, thus avoiding excess plastic waste. The purification method is scaleable to larger volumes, so separate kits are not needed for varying sample sizes. For plasmids 3-40 kb, average sequence reads of >600 bases are obtained from DNA isolated using the PlasmidMAX Kit.


  • Simple, rapid miniprep-type procedure.
  • High yields of highly purified plasmid DNA.
  • Scalable to larger volumes.
  • No toxic organic solvents.


Figure 1. High-quality sequence data is obtained from plasmid clones purified using the PlasmidMAX™ DNA Isolation Kit.

PlasmidMAX Kit Process

1. Pellet cells. Resuspend in Solution 1.

2. Add Solution 2. Mix.

3. Add Solution 3. Mix.

4. Pellet cell debris and chromosomal DNA.

5. Isopropanol precipitate nucleic acid.

6. Digest RNA with RiboShredder™ RNase.

7. Precipitate and wash plasmid DNA.


Figure 2. Agarose gel of plasmid DNAs purified using the PlasmidMAX™ Kit. Lanes 1-3, 4.5 kb plasmid clones; Lane 4, Supercoiled kb ladder.


Catalog No. Size

PlasmidMAX™ DNA Isolation Kit
PMX51050 50 Minipreps
Contents: PlasmidMAX™ Solutions 1-3, RiboShredder™ RNase Blend, RiboShredder™ Buffer, Plasmid Precipitation Solution, TE Buffer.