SequiTherm EXCEL™ II DNA Sequencing Kit

SequiTherm EXCEL™ II DNA Sequencing Kit




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  • Both cycle and isothermal sequencing. The SequiTherm EXCEL II Kit reads through regions that cannot be sequenced using any other sequencing kits.1,2

The SequiTherm EXCEL™ II DNA Sequencing Kit is recommended for both cycle sequencing and high-temperature isothermal (noncycle) sequencing with either labeled primers or internal label incorporation using 32P, 33P, or 35S radionucleotides (Figs. 1 and 2). The kit incorporates the use of betaine,* which enables sequencing of a broad range of templates, including those containing regions that are very difficult to sequence. The kit contains SequiTherm EXCEL II DNA Polymerase, which improves signal intensities, allowing sequencing from low amounts of template.


  • Perform either cycle sequencing or isothermal sequencing with the same kit.
  • Resolution of many difficult regions such as hairpin loops, regions of high GC (Fig. 2) or AT content, PCR products, inverted or direct repeats, and homopolymeric stretches.
  • Saves time when performing isothermal sequencing reactions. Go from template denaturation to gel in as little as 4 minutes with no chemical denaturation or precipitation.
  • Read lengths up to 600+ bases are obtainable with the provided Long-Read Termination Mixes.
  • Reduced background signal results in clearer, less ambiguous sequence.


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*Covered by issued and/or pending patents.

Figure 1 Figure 1. Cycle sequencing with SequiTherm EXCEL™ II DNA Polymerase. Supercoiled pUC19 DNA (100 fmol) was cycle-sequenced using [α-35S]-dATP label according to the SequiTherm EXCEL II DNA Sequencing Kit protocol.
Figure 2 Figure 2. Isothermal sequencing of a GC-rich region. Supercoiled plasmid template (600 fmol) containing (CGG)23 repeats were sequenced using the SequiTherm EXCEL™ II isothermal sequencing protocol and 35S internal labeling.


Catalog No. Size

SequiTherm EXCEL™ II DNA Sequencing Kit
SEM79100 100 Sequences
Contents: SequiTherm EXCEL™ II DNA Polymerase, SequiTherm EXCEL™ II Sequencing Buffer, G, A, T, C Termination Mixes, G, A, T, C Long-Read™ Termination Mixes, SequiTherm EXCEL™ II Prelabeling Mix, Control Template, Control Primer, Stop/Gel Loading Buffer, T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, 10X T4 Polynucleotide Kinase Buffer, Sterile Deionized Water