MasterAmp™ 10X PCR Enhancer

MasterAmp™ 10X PCR Enhancer




1.5 ml







  • Simplified PCR optimization with a thermostable DNA polymerase of choice.
  • PCR of difficult or high-GC templates.
  • PCR amplifications up to 20 kb.
  • Multiplex PCR.

For rapid, dependable optimization of PCR, we encourage you to try the FailSafe™ PCR System to obtain the best PCR results with any template up to ~20 kb. However, if you prefer to use another enzyme, EPICENTRE also has two MasterAmp™ PCR Optimization Kits that will help you to obtain the best possible PCR results with thermostable enzymes frequently used in PCR, such as Taq, Pfu, Tth, Tfl, and AmpliTherm™ DNA polymerases. These MasterAmp PCR Optimization Kits contain a series of 12 MasterAmp PCR 2X PreMixes that have been meticulously tested and represent a complete range of PCR conditions frequently encountered. Each MasterAmp 2X PreMix contains all components needed for PCR except for the primers, the template, and the PCR enzyme.

First, perform PCR with your template, primers, and the 12 MasterAmp PreMixes. Select the PreMix that gives optimal results. Then, use the same MasterAmp PCR PreMix to obtain reliable, consistent PCR of the same sequence.


  • Fast, simple optimization.
  • Extremely high sensitivity and specificity using the PCR Enhancer Technology.
  • MasterAmp PCR PreMixes contain all components needed for successful PCR.
  • Generates PCR products suitable for both TA cloning and blunt-end cloning.

STEP 1. Find the optimal MasterAmp PCR PreMix. Do PCR with your template, primers and PCR enzyme in the 12 PreMixes.

A. A 75%-GC-rich ApoE gene region was amplified in total human genomic DNA using PreMixes A-L. MasterAmp PCR PreMix K produced optimal results in Step 1.

STEP 2. Use the same MasterAmp PCR PreMix to obtain reliable, consistent PCR of the same sequence.

B. Subsequent PCR of the ApoE gene with the same primer pair and MasterAmp™ PreMix K gave consistent results. Subsequent PCR results are consistent and reliable using the optimal PreMix in Step 1.

MasterAmp™ AmpliTherm DNA Polymerase; MasterAmp PCR Optimization Kits; MasterAmp Taq DNA Polymerase; MasterAmp Tfl DNA Polymerase. Purchase of this product includes an immunity from suit under patents specified in the product insert to use only the amount purchased for the purchaser's own internal research. No other patent rights (such as 5´ Nuclease Process patent rights) are conveyed expressly, by implication, or by estoppel. Further information on purchasing licenses may be obtained by contacting the Director of Licensing, Applied Biosystems, 850 Lincoln Centre Drive, Foster City, California 94404, USA.

EPICENTRE has two MasterAmp PCR Optimization Kits. Select the right kit for your DNA polymerase.