Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation and Screening Kit

Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation and Screening Kit




50 Lig.






  • Rapid and efficient DNA ligation.
  • Rapid screening of clones for insert size.

The Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation and Screening Kit combines the rapid DNA ligations of the popular Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit with the rapid and sensitive screening of clones afforded by the Colony Fast-Screen™ Kit (Size Screen). The Fast-Link DNA Ligation and Screening Kit reduces the time required for DNA ligation, transformation, and screening of recombinant plasmids to 24 hours or less. Thus, the kit is ideal for both routine and high-throughput cloning and screening projects.


  • Cohesive-end ligations in 5 minutes at room temperature.
  • Blunt-end ligations in 15 minutes at room temperature.
  • Ligation of PCR products with A-overhangs in 1 hour at 16°C.
  • High ligation efficiency.
  • Desalting of ligation products prior to electroporation is not necessary.
  • Simple and fast (1-hour) screening of recombinant plasmids, without the need to grow cultures or perform restriction digests.


Figure 1. Results of recombinant screening using the Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation and Screening Kit. Ligations performed using inserts with cohesive ends (A), blunt ends (B), and PCR products (C) were cloned, and white colonies were screened using an in-well lysis protocol. The expected insert+vector sizes are indicated with arrows.