CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix

CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix




500 rxns


-80º C


CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix


  • Outstanding reliability and reproducibility in Colony PCR
  • Ideal for PCR genotyping
  • Convenient 1X Master Mix: just add a colony, primers, and cycle.
  • High thermostability and optimized formulation for 98C denaturation to handle the toughest targets.
  • Contains Green tracking dye for direct gel loading

Finally, a PCR enzyme specifically formulated for Colony PCR.

Reliable performance from colonies. Bypass all cell lysis and sample prep without worrying about failed reactions. Outstanding reproducibility to get your amplicon the first time. (Figure 1).

Extreme thermostability. Cycle at 98°C to lyse cells and denature the toughest templates. The added PCR enhancer improves amplification and thermostability to give you the best PCR product possible.

Tough templates are no match: GC-rich DNA can make colony PCR that much more  difficult – and CloneID can handle it with ease. Clean and robust amplification on targets where other enzymes fall short (Figure 2)

The easiest workflow. CloneID is not only a 1X master mix that only requires a colony swipe and primers, but it also contains a Green tracking dye so you can directly load your PCR product onto a gel.

Colony PCR on 96 colonies
Figure 1. CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix was used on 96 unique colonies from a petri dish containing a library sample. Success rate was 97% (93 out of 96) for amplification.


Colony PCR on Tough Templates
Figure 2. CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix is compared with other PCR products (CloneID™, Platinum® PCR Supermix, OneTaq®, KAPA2G) claiming strong Colony PCR performance. The 12 targets are genes fromCellulomonas fimi, a species whose genome is 75% GC, which were cloned into a standard plasmid.
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Product Description Size Cat. No.
CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Mix   50 rxns 30059-0
    250 rxns 30059-1
    500 rxns 30059-2

CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix is provided in a 1X Master Mix format that withstands 98°C denaturation. All required buffer components, enzyme, Mg++ and dNTP’s are all present in optimized concentrations. The product also contains Green tracking dye for convenient gel loading. Only a small amount of whole cells from a colony and primers are required to set up the reaction. Please see the user manual for composition information. Standard reaction size is 25 µL.

This product is primarily intended for E. coli colonies or purified DNA templates. CloneID has not been tested for diverse organisms.